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How I Repaired Our Mitsubishi DLP TV

The repairs needed for our Mitsubishi television had to be done. The TV was just the right size for our living room plus it was a gift from my wife's uncle (THANK YOU!!).

After doing some research through the Google search engine on the internet about this tv and viewing some helpful videos on YouTube on how to fix the white and black dots problem and the very dim picture that this tv was suffering from, my wife and I decided it was worth the time, effort, and money needed to make the repairs to the tv.  The time and effort part was mine, The money part of the deal was my wife's (THANK YOU!!!)

The research that I did in Google  about the particular black and white dots problem revealed that the DLP chip was the culprit. My research also revealed that the failing lamp inside the tv was the reason for the dim picture.  After watching several videos on YouTube about the DLP chip ( and it's technology), and on how to replace it and the failing lamp, I immediately went to Ebay and purchased the new DLP Chip and the new lamp for the tv.The end results of those efforts are in the YouTube video below. All links to the actual items I bought for this tv is in the description of this video at YouTube.

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